Solutions Engineer

Selector AI

Selector AI

Santa Clara, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, March 21, 2024

Employer: Selector Software, Inc.

Job Title: Solutions Engineer

Job Description: Analyze and understand customer needs, data and data processing capabilities, workflow, and
data analytics requirements. Design and build analytics data pipeline using programming
languages such as Python and Golang as well as program databases such as Prometheus,
MongoDB, Loki, and Splunk to meet customer needs. Own the design, development and
execution plans for the Proof-Of-Concept for new software solutions, and lead to completion of
software deployment. Improve the product features and quality through software enhancement
proposals and customer reviews. Be a technical expert on Selector’s operational analytics solution
for networks, applications and security workflows which include consulting with customers and
Sales Engineers to understand the customer requirements and the customer network design that
includes switches, routers, and server topology. Ensure the integration of our software product
meets customer requirements by building data connectors to these devices using REST
application programming interface (API) and message buses such as Kafka and Influx. Install and
maintain customer deployments which are based on Kubernetes, multi-node GKE, EKS
environment. Design and write SQL (Structured Query Language)-based constructs to extract
metrics, logs, and evens from other databases. Train customers on our software solution to ensure
that customers are adequately enabled for use and that customers understand our software
solution and are self-serve extensions of Selector’s software capabilities.

Education Required: Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering,

Computer Science, Electronics Engineering, or related field

Experience Required: 2 years of experience as a Network Engineer, Software Engineer, Software Test Engineer, or

related occupation

Special Requirements: Must have at least 1 year of prior work experience in each of the following:
1. At least working with one of the public cloud platforms: AWS, GCP, or Azure.
2. Working with Kubernetes and YAML.
3. Scripting and Coding with Python.
4. Designing SQL queries to extract, validate, and analyze data.

Salary: $185,000 - $200,000 per year

Worksite: 3979 Freedom Circle, Suite 610, Santa Clara 95054

Job Code: 91614/91619